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Make life easier with CITICpay P2P money transfer

With a sleight of hand, cash transfer can now be carried out in mobile payment using only mobile numbers. With CITICpay, now you can transfer money directly with your bank account using just a mobile number in a safe and reliable manner.

Money transfer via mobile number

  • Using the innovative CITICpay service, you just need the receiver’s mobile number to transfer money without ever having to enter the bank account number.

  • Direct debit from bank account without cash top-up

  • CITICpay can directly debit the requested sum from your bank account upon authentication. It is convenient and fast.

  • Support money transfers to the majority of bank accounts in Hong Kong

  • You can transfer money to the majority of local bank accounts through JETCO Pay P2P anytime, anywhere. Inter-bank money transfer services have since made more comprehensive and efficient.

  • Free services

  • No charge incurred from downloading to using the app.

  • State-of-the-art security technology

  • Conduct your money transfer with total peace of mind, thanks to the multiple security technologies that safeguard money transfer as well as personal information.

    • Step 1
      Start the registration process

      Open the CITICpay app and tap “Register Now”. After reading and accepting the service T&C, enter your i-banking Login ID and the verification code.
    • Step 2
      Verify identity with two-factor authentication

      Login to desktop version of i-banking, go to "MY ONLINE SET-UP" > "CITICpay" and click on "Generate Verification Code".
      Receive the code via SMS with the mobile number you registered with i-banking account.
    • Step 3
      Specify a bank account, mobile number and nickname

      Specify a bank account and a mobile number bundled with this service.
      Enter a nickname with which your friends can identify you.
    • Step 4
      Confirm bundled mobile number

      Receive and enter a SMS verification code with the specified mobile number.
    • Step 5
      Specify a Mobile PIN

      Specify a 6-digit Mobile PIN that you will use to send or receive money.
    • Ready for use
      The registration is complete after installing a secure module onto your mobile phone.

    • Step 1
      Get ready to send money

      Tap “Send Money”.
    • Step 2
      Select a receiver

      Add receivers to the pay list. Contact persons who have a “JETCO Pay” logo indicate that they can receive money real-time.
    • Step 3
      Enter a payment amount

      Enter an amount and remarks (optional).
      The maximum payment limit for all Small-value funds transfer within the bank is HKD5,000 per day.
    • Step 4
      Specify an optional passcode

      To avoid sending the money to a wrong person, you may choose to specify a Sender Code for this transaction.
      The receiver needs to input the same code when collecting the money.
    • Step 5
      Confirm the payment

      Enter the Mobile PIN to confirm the payment.
      The receiver will receive an in-app notification or an SMS (for first-time use only) and have 7 days to collect the money before the payment expires and the money is refunded.

    • Step 1
      Get ready to collect money

      Open the CITICpay app, enter your Mobile PIN and tap “Transaction Info” or “Collect Money from SMS (for first-time use only).
      If you do not have a bank account with us, collect the money with the JETCO Pay mobile app.
    • Step 2
      Select a transaction

      Select a transaction with status “Ready for collection”.
    • Step 3
      Collect the payment

      Preview the details and tap “Collect”. Enter the same Sender Code if it is specified by the sender.
      For first-time collection, input a transaction code and sender’s mobile number.
    • Step 4
      Confirm the collection

      Enter the Mobile PIN to complete the collection.

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