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The borderless Private Bank offers you unique RMB advantages and finely-orchestrated wealth management solutions

China CITIC Bank International

The controlling shareholder of China CITIC Bank International Limited (the "Bank" or "CNCBI") is China CITIC Bank Corporation Limited ("CNCB"). CNCB, via its wholly-owned subsidiary CITIC International Financial Holdings Limited, owns a 75% stake of the Bank. Another 25% of shareholding are held respectively by Tian Yuan Trading Limited (9.6%), Hong Kong Guansheng Investment Co., Limited (6.0%), Anxin Trust Co., Limited (3.4%), Clear Option Limited (3.0%) and Elegant Prime Limited (3.0%).

By providing a comprehensive suite of financial services including corporate banking, personal banking, wealth management, treasury and global markets solutions to exceed Greater China and overseas customers' expectation, CNCBI aspires to be the "China Bank of Choice" with the best international standards.

CNCBI's footprint includes 34 branches in Hong Kong, as well as overseas branches in New York, Los Angeles, Macau and Singapore. The Bank also provides banking services in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen through a wholly-owned subsidiary.

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