Apply Remote Account Opening Service Now (For CNCB use only)

Forms and T&Cs for Account Opening

1. Personal Account Opening Form (For Cross Border Customers Only)(download version)(Simplified Chinese Only)*

Please click here for the sample form and the FAQ.

2. Notice to Customers and Other Individuals Relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and the Code of Practice on Consumer Credit Data

3. Bank Service Fees and Charges

4. Terms and Conditions for CITICfirst Wealth Management Service and General Terms and Conditions for Deposit Products and Services

5. Terms and Conditions for Deposit Accounts

6. Terms and Conditions for ATM Card

7. General Terms and Conditions

8. Information Relating to Renminbi("RMB") Services - Personal Accounts

Other Forms

1. Remittance (Telegraphic Transfer and CHATS)

2. Smart tips for inward remittance

3. Securities Transfer In/Out Instruction Form

* Please use double-sided printing to print out the forms; if single-sided printing is used, please sign at the bottom of each page for confirmation.

For details, CITIC Premier customers may call our toll free hotline at 400 120 5558.