Business Internet Banking

Demonstration Videos


Enjoy a simpler and faster way to access your business accounts and manage your company’s cash flow anytime, anywhere.

Watch the demonstration videos for more details about the key features and functions of Business Internet Banking (“BIB”).

Primary User and General User Functionalities

Get started to enjoy BIB services anytime, anywhere.
  • Primary User Functionalities:
    (i) First time registration;
    (ii) Amend authority and limit;
    (iii) Remove General User(s)
  • General User first time registration

Online Set-up and Password Reset (applicable to Primary User and General User)

It’s time to manage your business account in an efficient way.
  • CNCBI token activation
  • Daily transaction limit setting
  • Online password reset

Fund Transfer / Remittance

Timely execution of Fund Transfer / Remittance instructions with simple and easy procedure.
  • Fund transfer / Remittance
  • Transaction approval mechanism