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Make every day a great day
with 5% Cash Rebate!

CNCBI Credit Card brings you a safe, simple and seamless mobile payment solution. You can now make secure transactions in thousands of stores in town or participating apps where Android Pay is accepted. Transaction will be done in a blink. What’s more, you can earn up to 5% cash rebate. Simply add your CNCBI Credit Card1 to your Android mobile or tablet and set it as the default card, so that you can enjoy the fabulous offers brought to you by CNCBI Credit Card throughout the year at ease.

Up to 5% Cash Rebate

From now to 31 December 2017, spend with your CNCBI Credit Card1 via Android Pay in stores or participating apps where Android Pay is accepted to enjoy up to 5% cash rebate2. There is no minimum spending requirement. You can earn up to HK$900 cash rebate for the entire period.

Example (Make payment with CNCBI Credit Card via Android Pay)

Get a cup of coffee @ coffee kiosk
Get a quick bite @ a fast food shop
Shop @ department store
Shop for groceries @ a supermarket
Shop online (in-app payment)


1. Android Pay is not applicable to CNCBI Air China Dual Currency Credit Card, CNCBI RMB Credit Card, CNCBI NFC Motion Card and CNCBI Dollar$mart Cash Card.
2. Android Pay 5% Cash Rebate is calculated on calendar month basis. Each cardmember is entitled to receive a maximum of HK$100 rebate per month and HK$900 rebate for the entire period.

How to use Android Pay

Search and download Android Pay from “Google Play Store” if Android Pay app is not yet installed on your device


Open Android Pay app on your device and add your CNCBI Credit Card


Scan your card and input the verification code


Follow the instructions to confirm card details, accept privacy related terms and conditions and terms of use. (If device lock password is not set up, please set up according to the instruction)


Enter the one time password issued by the Bank via SMS and complete verification

Tap your CNCBI Credit Card and drag it to the top of the screen to set it as default card

It’s ready. Turn on your device screen and tap on any contactless payment terminals with Android Pay logo to complete the payment

Security tips

Clear and transparent

All Android Pay transactions will be shown on related Credit Card statements. You can also see the last 10 Android Pay transactions made through your device in your Android Pay app.

Private and secure

Your name and full card details are never shown in the app and never shared with the store.

Hassle free

Android Device Manager ( will help you find, lock, and erase your device. Also, you can simply search “Find my phone” and Google will show you where it is on a map. You may also call our Credit Card Lost Card hotline immediately to suspend the virtual account on your device, but your physical Credit Card will not be affected.

Android Pay, Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

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