1. Please read the Security Tips before installation:
    a. Please do not login and stop operation to any apps from suspicious download immediately.
    b. Prevent download any counterfeit mobile application which is attached with Fishing program / Trojan to steal the login information.
    c. Do not copy or install mobile application from uncertain sources on mobile device.
    d. If any abnormalities are found, such as unusual layout or unusual slow login response, please stop the operation immediately.
    e. Please download mobile applications from official application stores or China CITIC Bank International website, and ensure the search wording is correct. iPhone or iPad users may download inMotion Applications via App Store; Android users may download inMotion Applications via Google Play or China CITIC Bank International website.
  1. a. Download inMotion Android application installation (APK) file

    b. Download inVest Android application installation (APK) file

    c. Download CNCBI Token Android application installation (APK) file
    *Applicable to Business Internet Banking customers only

    d. Download FX Go Android application installation (APK) file
  2. Tap the menu button, then choose "System Settings" > "General" > "Security", tick "Unknown Sources" option.
  3. Place the APK file to your Android device, or download the application directly with browser.
  4. Open the APK file with file explorer (My Files or File Manager) and install.
  5. Revert the setting of step one and un-tick "Unknown Sources" option after installation complete.

More about Online Security.

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