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"Add Money" service
Add money with a few simple steps!

Need to transfer money from your other local banks to CNCBI? With inMotion, you do not need to switch between different banks' mobile Apps to move your funds. Just one app, several taps, receive funds immediately*. Link your account and add money with inMotion “Add Money” function now to enjoy a fast and seamless transfer experience!

Instant transfer

Instant transfer

Add money to your accounts as fast as few seconds*

Ease to use

Ease to use

Add money with few steps without switching between apps

Free of charge

Free of charge

Support cross-bank transfer in HKD and CNY without handling fees

* The "link account" and "add money" instructions will be submitted in real-time and the completion time will depend on the handling of debit bank/company.


How to add money to your CNCBI accounts

  • 1.Open inMotion, tap “Add Money”
  • 2.Input your account details for linking your account from other local bank and swipe to confirm
  • 3.Input your one-time password and the account is successfully linked
  • 4.Input the transfer amount and swipe to confirm
  • 5.You have added money to your CNCBI account successfully

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