Key Facts Statement / CNCBI Credit Card Fees and Charges

Explore the world and enjoy cash rebates

From 1 July to 31 October 2024, spend with below designated CNCBI credit cards to earn up to 2.5% Cash Rebate with unlimited for extra cash rebate.

Jewel World
Elite Mastercard® Card

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Jewel World
Mastercard® Card

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Motion Credit Card (virtual)

Motion Credit Card

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Unlimited foreign currency extra cash rebate
2% 1%
Basic Rewards
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Motion Credit Card :

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Motion Credit Card (virtual) :

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Multiple rewards for ultimate joy of travel in Greater Bay Area

GBA Dual Currency Credit Card

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Privilege 1: Up to 10% Cash Rebate on RMB Spending

From 1 July to 31 December 2024, earn up to 10% cash rebate on eligible RMB/mobile wallet^ spending with the card of a maximum of extra HK$1,000 cash rebate per calendar month:

Spending Categories • RMB Spending
• Mobile Wallet^ Spending
• RMB Spending
(Single spending of CNY3,000 or above)
Cash Rebate Offer 4% Cash Rebate* Extra 6% Cash Rebate
Maximum Extra Cash Rebate Amount Per Day HK$120 HK$200
Per Calendar Month HK$400 HK$600

^ Mobile Wallet refer to Wechat Pay (HK Wallet) and Union Pay App Payment (consumer presented QR code payment mode)
* including basic 0.5% cash rebate under "CNCBI Dual Currency Credit Card Cash Rebate" Rewards Program. Please refer to remarks of privilege 1 for details
The RMB spending of extra 6% cash rebate does not include all WeChat Pay/ Alipay/ PayMe transactions


Privilege 2: Greater Bay Area Offers

Enjoy instant discount and cash rebate offers at designated merchants with the credit card during the offer period.

Double Concession at GBA Hotels

Enjoy an instant 9%# discount and receive up to 50% cash rebates* on selected hotel bookings

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# A maximum of HK$200
* Up to HK$500 cash rebate

High Speed Rail tickets Offer

Enjoy HK$20 discount on high-speed rail ticket upon single order of HK$200 or above

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Designated Merchants/Malls Offers

Instant discount of up to CNY100 upon designated spending at designated malls and F&B outlets

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Promotion periods may vary; please check the offer details for specific information.


Exchange foreign currencies conveniently and enjoy rebates

From now till 30 Sep 2024, customers who have completed FX market order or limit order from any currency to designated currency via inMotion of the bank during promotion period, will be entitled to up to 5% cash rebate below!

Designated Currency Maximum Cash Rebate
EUR €30
GBP £25
JPY JP¥5,000
CNY CN¥250

Terms and Conditions apply. Please click here for details.
Foreign exchange involves risk.

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Open account, apply card & trade FX for extra rewards

From now until 31 July 2024, open an account via inMotion and meet designated requirements can enjoy up to HK$1,800 cash rewards.

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Terms and Conditions apply. Please click here for details.

Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!


CNCBI Credit Card Summer Festive Foreign Currency Spending Program

  1. Eligible Foreign Currency Spending includes transactions settled in any currencies other than Hong Kong Dollars, transactions which shall not be considered as Eligible Spending include, but not limited to e-wallets (including but not limited to WeChat Pay, Alipay, PayMe, FPS transactions), auto payment, ATM/ online payment, handling fees and fees and charges, contribution to any unit trust /monthly investment plan and relevant insurance payment etc.
  2. Including extra 2% cash rebate and basic 0.5% cash rebate, the monthly maximum basic cash rebate amount is as following:
    • CNCBI Motion Credit Card and CNCBI Motion Credit Card(virtual): 0.5% of credit limited or HK$500 (whichever is lower). Please click here for the reward program details.
    • CNCBI Jewel World Elite Mastercard Card and CNCBI Jewel World Mastercard Card: 0.5% of credit limited. Please click here for the reward program details.
  3. The Summer Spending Program cannot be enjoyed in conjunction with other spending offer including CNCBI Jewel World Mastercard 1.5% Cash Rebate Rewards Program, CNCBI Jewel World Elite Mastercard Card 2.5% Cash Rebate Rewards Program and 6% Cash Rebate on Dining and Online Spending Year-round Program except Basic Cash Rebate and Welcome Offer Promotion (if applicable).
  4. The Extra Cash Rebate will be credited to the Eligible Credit Card account that the Eligible Cardmember used to make Eligible Foreign Currency Spending on or before 31 March 2025 and will be shown on the credit card monthly statement.

Terms and Conditions of CNCBI Credit Card Summer Festive Foreign Currency Spending Program

GBA Dual Currency Credit Card Offers

Privilege 1

  1. Up to 4% Cash Rebate on Mobile Wallet and RMB Spending includes (i) 0.5% Basic Cash Rebate under "CNCBI Dual Currency Credit Card Cash Rebate" Rewards Program ("Basic Cash Rebate") and (ii) 3.5% Extra Mobile Payment and/or RMB Spending Cash Rebate. The maximum amount of the monthly Basic Cash Rebate (calculated on credit card statement cycle basis) shall be the multiple of the Cardmember's combined credit limit of Dual Currency Credit Card as approved by the Bank ("Combined Credit Limit") and the Basic Cash Rebate percentage. The Basic Cash Rebate will be calculated on the relevant statement date of the monthly card statement and to be credited to Cardmember's Designated Credit Card account and be shown in next monthly statement.
  2. The Bank will convert the total Eligible RMB Spending and Eligible Mobile Wallet Spending to Hong Kong Dollars based on the currency exchange rate of CNY1 to HKD1 to determine the Eligible Cardmember's entitlement to the Extra Cash Rebate and calculate the Extra Cash Rebate amount that each Eligible Cardmember entitled. The Extra Cash Rebate will be credited to the GBA Credit Card Hong Kong Dollars account on or before 30 April 2025 and will be shown on the credit card monthly statement.
  3. Definition of Eligible Spending
    1. Eligible Renminbi Spending includes any retail or online retail transactions posted in Renminbi currency (based on the currency posted on the credit card statement).
    2. Eligible Mobile Wallet Spending includes:
      1. Retail transactions conducted by Wechat Pay (HK wallet), excluding bill payments;
      2. Any transactions conducted by Consumer-Presented QR code mode in UnionPay App Mobile Payment. For the avoidance of doubt, Merchant Presented QR code mode, transportation payment or E-commerce/online transactions conducted in UnionPay App Mobile Payment are excluded.
    3. Whether a transaction is an Eligible Renminbi Spending and/or an Eligible Mobile Wallet Spending shall be determined at the sole and absolute discretion of the Bank. If an Eligible Renminbi Spending is conducted by UnionPay App Mobile Payment Consumer Presented QR code mode (i.e. also an Eligible Mobile Wallet Spending), such spending will only be counted once under the 10% Cash Rebate Program.

Terms and Conditions of CNCBI GBA Dual Currency Credit Card up to 10% Cash Rebate on RMB and Mobile Wallet Spending Program

Privilege 2

  1. Cardmembers shall register as Wing On Travel member.
  2. Cardmembers can obtain the promotional code of Hotel Offer and High-Speed Rail Offer via the Merchant’s promotional page ( The Merchant will refresh the promotional code (“Designated Promotional Code”) at 10:00am on the 8th calendar day of each calendar month. The validity period of each promotional code is one month (“Each Stage”). GBA Cardmember shall register as the Wing On Travel’s (“Merchant”) member via the Merchant’s website ( or mobile application (“Wing On Travel App”), then make order of designated hotel or high-speed rail booking via the Merchant’s website or Wing On Travel App by the Eligible Credit Card and input the Designated Promotional Code of the month before payment to enjoy the Offer (“Eligible Spending”). The Offer is available on a first come first served basis while stock last.
  3. GBA Hotel Offer is applicable to the designated hotels in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Huizhou, Jiangmen, Foshan, Zhaoqing with latest check-in date of 31 January 2025. GBA Cardmembers are entitled to a maximum of HK$200/order under instant 9% off offer and a maximum of HK$500/order under 50% cash rebate offer.
  4. Up to 50% cash rebate of Hotel Offer will be credited to CNCBI GBA Dual Currency Credit Card account by 28 Feb 2025 and be shown in next month statement.
  5. High-Speed Rail Offer is applicable to the train provided by the Merchant and departed from or arrived at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station.
  6. During Each Stage, GBA Cardmember is entitle to redeem the Designated Promotional Code once only, which means Hotel Offer and High-Speed Rail Offer can be enjoyed once only in Each Stage.
  7. Hotel Offer and High-Speed Rail Offer are subject to applicable terms and conditions, please refer to Terms and Conditions for CNCBI Credit Card X Wing On Travel Promotion Offer.
  8. Designated merchants and malls instant discount offer is subject to quotas on a first-come, first-served basis. The offer is provided by UnionPay International, and subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please click here.

Motion credit card welcome offer up to extra 10% cash rebate on spending in foreign currencies

  1. Only applicable to New Cardmembers. New Cardmembers are applicants who do not currently hold and have not cancelled any principal card of CNCBI Credit Card in the past 12 months from the month of approval of their current applications for a principal card of the CNCBI Credit Cards.
  2. Eligible spending in foreign currencies include posted retail and online transactions settled in any non-Hong Kong dollars.