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CNCBI Credit Card
Enjoy 2% Cash Rebate
on local dining & overseas spending

Key Facts Statement

Extra rewards brings you extra joy! CNCBI VISA Platinum Card and CNCBI Motion Credit Card offer 2% unlimited cash rebate for your local dining & overseas spending in the first year. Whether you are having a sumptuous meal with friends or enjoying a wonderful trip, you can earn more when you spend with your CNCBI Credit Card for a truly rewarding experience!

Exciting Welcome Offers

From now until 31 December 2019, you can enjoy the following rewards upon successful application of CNCBI Credit Card and fulfilment of the spending requirement.

Fabulous welcome gift1 at your choice

1. 6-month monthly fee waiver on Birdie Mobile’s 5GB monthly service plan2,3 (Monthly Fee: HK$90 Total value: HK$540)

  • No-contract local 4G mobile service
  • 5GB local data and 3,000 local voice mins each month
  • Travel without changing SIM
How to redeem welcome offers


Cash Rebate3


Up to PhoenixMiles 4,000KM3
(This offer is only applicable to CNCBI Air China Dual Currency Credit Card application.)

Dual Card Application Reward - HK$100 Cash Rebate

Earn extra HK$100 Cash Rebate upon successful application for CNCBI VISA Platinum Card or CNCBI Motion Credit Card and CNCBI Air China Dual Currency Credit Card and fulfill the spending requirement.

Remarks: The above photos, details and reference price are for reference only. The offers are subject to applicable terms and conditions. Please refer to the terms and conditions for details.
1. Not applicable to any credit card applicant who currently holds or held any other CNCBI Credit Cards issued by the Bank in the 12-month immediately preceding the relevant application for the credit card (excluding supplementary cardmember). Credit card applicant is only entitled to one of the above welcome offers regardless of the number of credit card applied.
2. The Privileges only include waiver on basic monthly fee HK$90. Other charges including but not limited to data top-up charge and oversea roaming charges will not be waived.
3. Applicable to cardmembers with retail spending or cash advances of HK$3,000 or above within the first 3 months of card issuance.

2% Unlimited Cash Rebate on Local Dining & Overseas Spending in the First Year

Within the first 12 months after approval of CNCBI VISA Platinum Card or CNCBI Motion Credit Card, you can enjoy 2% Unlimited Cash Rebate1  on eligible local dining and overseas spending.

Subsequently, you will continue to enjoy 0.55% Basic Cash Rebate. For every HK$180 spending, you can earn ~ HK$1 Cash Rebate.

The calculation of Cash Rebate:

1. Calculated per calendar month within the first 12 months upon card approval. 2% Local Dining and Overseas Rebate Eligible Spending includes i) 0.55% Basic Cash Rebate under the Card’s Cash Rebate Rewards Program (“Basic Cash Rebate”) and ii) 1.45% Extra Cash Rebate on Eligible Spending under this 2% Spending Cash Rebate Program (“Extra Cash Rebate”). The maximum amount of the monthly Basic Cash Rebate (calculated on credit card statement cycle basis) shall be the multiple of the Cardmember's credit limit as approved by the Bank ("Credit Limit") and the Basic Cash Rebate percentage or HK$100,000 of new Eligible Transactions in the month (whichever is lower). The maximum amount of the Extra Cash Rebate shall be limited to Cardmember's Credit Limit and multiply by the Extra Cash Rebate percentage. For avoidance of doubt, any temporary-credit-limit approved by the Bank will not be entitled to Cash Rebate.

CNCBI Mobile Wallet

CNCBI Credit Card offers you a more flexible way in mobile payments; let you experience a simple, secure and convenience credit card payment. CNCBI Credit Card is now available for Apple Pay and Android Pay2, enabling you to make secure transactions in a blink.

For details, please visit:
Apple Pay: www.cncbinternational.com/applepay
Android Pay: www.cncbinternational.com/androidpay

2. Not applicable to CNCBI Air China Dual Currency Credit Card.

Exclusive Privileges of CNCBI Air China Dual Currency Credit Card

Fly to your Dream Destinations with Auto Miles Conversion

HK$/CNY¥ 8 spending =

You can redeem complimentary flight tickets to various destinations with the PhoenixMiles earned:

Air China: Major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Xian, etc
Star Alliance: Taiwan, Japan, USA, Europe, New Zealand, etc

Handling Fee Waiver for Overseas Spending

Make your shopping more fun and rewarding with handling fee waiver for spending made in mainland China and overseas.

Other Travel Benefits

Enjoy LoungeKey Greater China Airport Lounge Benefit

  • 3 times LoungeKey Airport Lounge service upon fulfilment of spending requirement, covering up to 130 airport lounges over the world.

Designated Airport Limousine Transfer Services

  • Enjoy designated airport limousine transfer services at an exclusive rate of HK$250 per trip by accumulating at least HK$3,000 with no more than two single transactions in eligible retail spending.

WiFiBB pocket WiFi Rental Offer

  • Complimentary WiFi package (worth HK$120)
  • Exclusive year-round 20% discount on rental

    Please refer to www.unionpaypremium.com.hk for detail
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