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Credit Cards

Rewarding Experiences

Become a Cardmember now to enjoy a range of rewards from cash rebates to bonus points to suit your lifestyle.

CNCBI Jewel World Elite Mastercard®

Use the CNCBI Jewel World Elite Mastercard® to experience a series of first-class travel privileges and dining experiences.

CNCBI Jewel World Mastercard®

The CNCBI Jewel World Mastercard® provides extraordinary privileges and exquisite life experience to meet your different needs in life.

CNCBI CITICdiamond UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card

The CNCBI CITICdiamond UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card is exclusive to CITICdiamond customers and offer ranges of first-class services and privileges to the customers.

CNCBI GBA Dual Currency Credit Card

Up to 15% Cash Rebate on Mobile Wallet and RMB Spending in total within the first 3 months!

CNCBI Motion Credit Card

CNCBI Motion Credit Cardmembers can enjoy up to 6% cash rebate on dining and online spending all year round!

CNCBI Motion Credit Card(virtual)

Apply via inMotion mobile app anytime, anywhere without income and address proof. Enjoy instant approval and grab our limited time welcome offers.

CNCBI DCH Living Mastercard®

Unlock a full range of lifestyle privileges with the CNCBI DCH Living Mastercard Card from everyday purchases!

CNCBI CITICfirst Platinum Card

The CNCBI CITICfirst Platinum Card is offered to CITICfirst customers only. Cardmembers can enjoy an exceptional level of service and privileges

CNCBI VISA Platinum Card

Enjoy fabulous spending rewards!

CNCBI Air China Dual Currency Credit Card

Hong Kong’s very first airline co-branded dual currency credit card lets you travel through Hong Kong, mainland China and the world with unprecedented ease.

Terms and conditions for credit card application

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