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While you work hard to make your business successful, we work hard to protect it for you. CITIC Insurance Brokers Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China CITIC Bank International Limited, is set up to provide you with various kinds of insurance products to protect your company against any unforeseeable risks from day-to-day operations, enabling you to manage your business with total confidence.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance offers you comprehensive protection for your goods, however they are transported and wherever they are shipped. It provides comprehensive protection for different types of commodity, destination and transportation mode, reducing the impact on your business if goods are destroyed, damaged or stolen.

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance enhances your credit management by ensuring smoother cash collection. It protects your company against bad debt and losses due to disruptions such as customer insolvency, protracted payment and payment default. In summary, it ensures you receive payment - even if your creditor gets into difficulty - and allows you to offer more competitive terms to creditworthy buyers.

Keyman Insurance

Keyman Insurance helps your business prepare for unforeseen eventualities with financial protection to mitigate effects of the death or illness of a key member of the company. It is tailor-made life insurance for critical individuals such as shareholders, sole proprietors and partners. In the unfortunate event of the death or illness of a key person, insurance compensation can help sustain your company's viability and profitability with cover to relieve the financial and operational difficulties that may arise.

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