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CNCBI Open Application Programming Interface (Open API)

With CNCBI Open APIs, third party service providers (e.g. start-ups, programme developers) (“TSP”) can easily connect to CNCBI’s systems and data, integrate them with TSPs’ own applications, allowing them to create new products and services for consumers and enhance the overall customer experience.

What is Open API?

In order to promote how customers use banking services on websites or applications of TSP via Open API, Hong Kong Monetary Authority has published an introduction video: (Chinese version only).

What do we offer?

Product Information
Product Information
 Account opening
Account opening
Customer Servicing
Customer Servicing

We offer APIs that are related to deposit, credit card, lending, mortgage, investment and other banking services. Visit CNCBI Open API Portal now to explore more about our APIs. 


How can a consumer use the collaborative services provided by CNCBI and TSPs safely?

  • CNCBI has published a list of our partnering third-party service providers (TSPs) on CNCBI Open API Portal. You may refer to the list to find out which TSPs are partnering with CNCBI and what products and services are offered in the partnership with a particular TSP.
  • You are advised to be aware of any third party service providers’ requests to acquire or collect your personal data, for example, your contact information or other account information. You should always consider the purpose and scope of data collection as well as the associated risks before granting consents to the third party service providers to avoid related risks, such as data leakage or being stolen.
  • You are advised to be vigilant to bogus calls or other similar scams. There will be notification to you or the public whenever CNCBI or the partnering TSP becomes aware of such scams. Whenever you are in doubt about a call, an email or other message; you may first authenticate the identity of the callers or senders who purport to be CNCBI’s representatives using CNCBI’s dedicated hotlines which can be found by clicking here or at the HKMA’s website.


Important Note

Never disclose your banking details, including your login credentials, any security tokens and passwords to any unauthorized third party apps.

CNCBI is also offering a wide range of APIs through our partnership with JETCO, please visit here for more details.


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