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From 1 January 2023 until 31 March 2023, new customers can enjoy fabulous offers of inMotion below:


New Customers Enjoy Up to HK$700 Cash Reward For Account Opening

  • Up to HK$400 Account Opening Reward1:
Requirements by designated periodsCash Reward
Achieve a total balance of minimum HK$10,000 or equivalentHK$200
Complete foreign exchange transactions via inMotion and reach accumulated
amount HK$50,000 or equivalent

  • Also enjoy up to HK$300 Foreign Exchange Cash Rewards2
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Fabulous Offers

Savings & Deposits

  • Enjoy up to 7.28% p.a. bonus interest rates through Monopoly Deposit, you can withdraw your money any time
    Monopoly Deposit Details
  • Online exclusive USD time deposits rate up to 4.60% p.a. starting from USD1,500 new funds3
    Time Deposit Rate

Investment Trading

Credit Card Spending

  • Up to 16% Welcome Offer Cash Rebate on spending in foreign currencies with CNCBI Motion(virtual) Credit Card6
    Credit Card Promotion


Enjoy Up To HK$12,000 MGM Reward

  • Under MONOPOLY Referral Reward Programme, you can enjoy HK$600 MGM Reward by referring a friend7 who successfully applied for an account and deposited the required amount via inMotion
  • You can earn up to HK$12,000 MGM Reward by successfully referring 20 friends!
    MONOPOLY Referral Reward Programme


Grab More Than HK$8,888 Cash Reward In inMotion "Rewards Go!"

  • Don’t miss out on Monthly Rewards Draw and win up to HK$8,888 cash reward
  • Earn missions rewards instantly on your choice, and unlock missions to get more
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Key Facts Statement / CNCBI Credit Card Fees and Charges

Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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Risk Disclosure Statements for Investment Products



  1. New customers refer to the general customers who have not hold any current, savings, time deposits, securities or investment accounts (either in sole name or joint name account) with China CITIC Bank International Limited (the "Bank") within the preceding 12 months. CITICfirst and CITICdiamond customers are not applicable. Terms and conditions apply, please click HERE for details.
  2. Only applicable to customers who did not trade any foreign exchange transactions with the Bank from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022.
  3. The above preferential interest rate is quoted as of 9 January 2023 and is for reference only. The Bank reserves the right to change the interest rates from time to time without prior notice. Interest rates are subject to review according to changes in market conditions. Before conducting the relevant transaction, please check the actual interest rates and exchange rates that will be offered to you before your transaction made on i-banking or inMotion. Terms and conditions apply. Please click HERE for the promotion details.
  4. Only applicable to general customers, CITICfirst and CITICdiamond customers who have not subscribed any Investment Funds during 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022.
  5. Only applicable to customer who has not maintained any One Account (whether in sole name or joint account) with the Bank within the preceding 12 months from 17 December 2022 and opened a New One Account during the Promotion Period, and the related buy trades have to be executed via inVest or inMotion.
  6. Up to 16 % cash rebate includes 10% cash rebate on spending in Foreign Currencies in the first 3 months (maximum of HK$1,000 cash rebate) and year round 6% cash rebate on Dining, Online and Foreign Currency Spending (maximum of HK$200 extra cash rebate in each month). Please refer to for the year round 6% Cash Rebate details.
  7. The referee must be a Hong Kong resident, holding a valid Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card and must be a new customer who has not maintained any account or service with the Bank within the preceding 12 months.