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Important Notes
Some of the investment products are structured products involving derivatives. The investment decision is yours but you should not invest in the product unless the intermediary who sells it to you has explained to you that the product is suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives. You should not invest in this product based on this promotional material alone.

Risk Disclosure Statements

Risk Disclosure Statements for Securities Trading

(1) Investment involves risks. (2) The price of securities fluctuates, sometimes dramatically. The price of securities may move down or up and may become valueless. It is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profits made as a result of buying or selling securities. (3) Investors should seek advice from own professional advisors as to particular tax position, including but not limited to estate duty and withholding tax that might arise from investing in overseas products. (4) If investors investing in investment products denominated in non-local currency, one should be aware of the risk of exchange rate fluctuations that may cause a loss of principal. (5) Before making any investment decision, investors should refer to the terms and conditions of relevant Securities Trading Services and risk disclosure statements and seek professional advice where needed. (6) Renminbi (RMB) is subject to exchange rate risk. The Hong Kong dollar value of investment will decrease if the RMB depreciates against Hong Kong dollar. Conversion between RMB and other currencies (including Hong Kong dollar) is subject to policy restrictions relating to Renminbi and consequently the relevant regulatory requirements in Hong Kong. Such requirements may be amended subject to changes in the policy restrictions relating to RMB. RMB is not freely convertible at present. The actual conversion arrangement will depend on the restrictions prevailing at the relevant time.

Risk Disclosure Statements for Investment Funds

(1) Investment Funds are not equivalent to time deposits or its substitute and provide no guarantee of return or yield on investment. (2) Investors should note that investment involves risk and past performance is not indicative of future performance. The price of the Investment Funds may go down as well as up and may become valueless. It is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profits made as a result of investing in Investment Funds. In the worst case scenario, the value of the Investment Funds may be substantially less than your investment amount. (3) Investors should consider their own investment objectives, financial resources and relevant circumstances, and read the relevant offering document, terms and conditions and risk disclosure statement before making any investment decision. (4) Investors should carefully read the relevant fund’s offering documents (including the investment policy and risk factors stated therein) in details before making any investment decision. If needed, investors should seek independent professional advice.

Risk Disclosure Statements relating to the Robo 360 Advisory Services

(1) Using Robo 360 Advisory Services involve investment risks, market risks, partial execution risks, termination/suspension of Robo 360 Advisory Services, regulatory risks, investment strategy risks, diversification risks, performance risks and limitation of historical data. (2) Whilst the Bank may provide Rebalancing Alerts as it may determine appropriate after its review or upon occurrence of specific events, the Bank will not execute any Rebalancing Instruction automatically. If the investor does not provide Rebalancing Instructions to the Bank or there is any delay in providing such Rebalancing Instructions, the Selected Portfolio may become no longer suitable for the investor and the investor shall bear such consequences. (3) Portfolios construction and rebalancing are generated by a model-driven process according to the portfolio construction and methodologies set out by the Bank. The model is algorithm- and rule-based instead of attempting to recommend positon taking with respect to the direction of markets. Please refer to Robo 360 Advisory Service Supplemental Terms and Conditions for more details about important information and risk disclosures.

Risk Disclosure Statements for Foreign Exchange

Foreign currency investments are subject to exchange rate risk which may result in gain or loss. The fluctuation in the exchange rate of foreign currency may result in losses in the event that customer converts the foreign currency into HKD or other foreign currencies. Renminbi is not freely convertible at present. The actual conversion arrangement will depend on the restrictions prevailing at the relevant time.

Risk Disclosure Statements for Currency Linked Deposit (“CLD”)

(1) CLD is NOT equivalent to time deposit. It is NOT protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong. (2) Investing in CLD is not the same as buying the Linked Currency directly. During the Deposit Period, you have no rights in the Linked Currency, and movements in the exchange rate of the Linked Currency may not lead to any corresponding change in your return on CLD. (3) CLD involves risks, including but not limited to derivatives risk, market risk, liquidity risk, credit risk of the Bank, currency risk, risks relating to Renminbi and risks of early termination by the Bank. (4) The maximum potential gain is limited. (5) CLD is NOT principal protected and you could lose all of your deposit amount. (6) Currency-Linked Deposit is not covered by the Hong Kong Investor Compensation Fund.


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