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RMB Services

Helping customers build financial bridges to meet their China-related cross-border trading needs is a major priority for China CITIC Bank International. We offer a comprehensive range of RMB services to help you manage your growing cross-border trade and cash management needs, offering you relevant solutions so you can focus on developing and expanding your business.

Open an RMB Savings Account with us now to manage your trade proceeds and payments. Enjoy full flexibility on deposit amounts, minimum balances or deposit tenors for the following basic banking services:

  • RMB Trade Settlement Corporate Savings Account
  • RMB Time Deposits

Multi-currency Exchange

  • Exchange any currencies into RMB for up to the full amount of your actual trade transactions.
  • Funds in your RMB deposit accounts can be reconverted into any currency.

Inward & Outward Remittances

  • RMB inward and outward remittances to and from your RMB accounts.
  • Outward remittances up to the full amount of actual trade transactions.

Flexible Cashflow Management

RMB funds pooling into your RMB account with us via:

  • Interbank transfers from other banks

Capital Preservation

  • We offer variable rates for RMB time deposits from time to time.
  • Customised treasury solutions such as non-deliverable forwards in times of RMB exchange rate volatility.

Trade & Trade Finance Services

  • Full array of trade and trade finance services, including but not limited to letters of credit (LC), documentary collection, bills drawn under LC, and trade finance.
  • Capabilities extended to include RMB trade between you and your Mainland Designated Enterprise partners.

Extended Resource Network In China

China CITIC Bank International is an integral part of the cross-border business franchise of China CITIC Bank (CNCB). We have been partnering successfully with CNCB to deliver seamless one-stop cross-border financial solutions to customers in China, Hong Kong, Macau and rest of Asia. When you bank with us for your cross-border trading needs, we can also help you gain access to the vast resource network of CNCB in the Mainland to support your domestic banking requirements. Please see our service leaflet for full details.

Contact Us Now

To find out more about our RMB Trade Connect services in Macau, please call 2878 0002 or contact your Relationship Manager.

Be served by our professional staff at our branches, or opt for self-service banking via our automated channels — the choice is yours.


We offer a range of rewarding careers from trainee to management level.

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Tap into the vast resources and network of our parent bank China CITIC Bank and our ultimate shareholder, CITIC Group Corporation.

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