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CNCBI WeChat Banking Platform

Banking with ease, anytime, anywhere

China CITIC Bank International Limited (CNCBI)’s CNCBI WeChat Banking Platform combines personal banking with mobile social application! Simply bind your CNCBI account to WeChat in just a few steps to conduct small-value funds transfers, enroll in travel insurance, and receive alerts of account activities as well as promotional messages from CNCBI via WeChat at any time, any place, giving you total control of your account status. Act now for account binding to experience a whole new level of convenient banking services!

Personalized WeChat message alerts1:

  • Online fund transfer2
  • Online bill payment2
  • Online time deposit opening2
  • e-Cheque deposit instruction2
  • Credit card payment due
  • Credit card overseas transaction3
  • Credit card local transaction4
  • Credit card phone order or mail order
  • Credit card online transaction
  • Currency-linked deposits maturity
  • High yield deposit maturity
  • High yield deposit early redemption
  • Equity-linked investment maturity
  • Equity-linked investment early redemption
  • Time deposit maturity
  • Cheque insufficient fund
  • Cheque present success
  • Autopay transaction returned


  1. This service is available in Chinese only.
  2. Customers are required to select receiving “Transaction Confirmation Alert” when executing the related transaction online.
  3. Overseas ATM transaction is not included.
  4. Applicable to transaction amount which equal to or greater than HK$5,000.

Follow the CNCBI WeChat Official Account

  • Applicable to all WeChat users
  • Receive updates and promotional messages from CNCBI WeChat Official Account
How to follow us:
                1. Download the WeChat app
                2. Search for WeChat ID "cncbintl"
                3. Press "Follow" and complete
                Method 1
                Select "Scan QR Code" and scan our QR Code
                Method 2
                Select "Add Contacts" and search for "cncbintl"

Complete “Account Binding” at CNCBI WeChat Official Account

  • Applicable to CNCBI Personal i-banking Service customers
  • Receive personalized WeChat message alerts to access account activities at ease

How to complete “Account Binding”

  1. Select “WeChat Binding” from “Bank Information” menu and choose the binding method.

  2. Enter information as required. Confirm Terms & Conditions before pressing “Submit”. A confirmation message will be displayed and the account binding process is completed.

CNCBI WeChat Banking Platform

Be served by our professional staff at our branches, or opt for self-service banking via our automated channels — the choice is yours.


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Tap into the vast resources and network of our parent bank China CITIC Bank and our ultimate shareholder, CITIC Group Corporation.

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