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WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay, your new wallet.

Instant and safe mobile payment

Hong Kong's First-ever CNCBI "Deposit Account Binding" to WeChat Pay

Enjoy the convenience of the free WeChat Pay mobile payment services

Hong Kong's First-ever CNCBI "Deposit Account Binding" to WeChat Pay

China CITIC Bank International Limited (“CNCBI”) launches Hong Kong’s first-ever Deposit Account Binding to WeChat Pay, which allows you to enjoy the convenience of the free WeChat Pay mobile payment services such as small-value funds transfers. You can now make small-value funds transfers via WeChat Pay for bill splitting, pocket money and household expenses, getting rid of the messy coins!

With your personal i-banking account and any single-named HKD Savings or Current Account, you can now bind your CNCBI HKD deposit account to WeChat Pay Hong Kong Wallet.

Once the account binding is completed, you can set your own WeChat Pay payment password, and start distributing red packets or making small-value funds transfer to your WeChat friends for free anytime anywhere.

Service Highlights

  • Blend mobile payment in everyday social communication platform
  • No need to know the receiver’s bank account number, you just need to become WeChat friend with the receiver for making small-value funds transfer (Small-value funds transfer limit is default as HK$3,000 per 2 days)
  • Directly debit the requested amount from your bound HKD Deposit Account without cash top-up. It is convenient and fast
  • Free service, no bank service charge incurred for account binding or payment
  • SMS one-time password will be sent in the binding process via CITICmobile as a security measure
  • State-of-the-art security technology that safeguard account binding and money transfer

Bind your CNCBI deposit account to WeChat Pay, enjoy priority with this WeChat Pay small-value funds transfer service!

Deposit Account Binding Steps

Bind your CNCBI Deposit Account to WeChat Pay quickly and simply, just choose bank account binding in your WeChat Mobile App and complete few steps.

The maximum payment limit for all Small-value funds transfer within the bank is HKD5,000 per day.

Hong Kong's First WeChat Pay for Travel Insurance

Safeguard your journeys simply with few clicks

Easy Last Minute e-Insurance
Worry-Free World Travel Get Set Go!

China CITIC Bank International Limited highly values the new trend of Smart Living and pioneers to launch single trip travel insurance purchases through "WeChat Pay". Even at the last minute before boarding, you are still in control to insure simply with buttons pressed. More than just paying the travel insurance premium is your worry-free journeys safeguarded by "WeChat Pay"

Purchase "Premier Travel Insurance Plan – Single Trip Travel Insurance Plan" through "WeChat Pay" now earn a 45% discount instantly!

From now on to 30 June 2020, successful purchase of "Premier Travel Insurance Plan – Single Trip Travel Insurance Plan" paid through "WeChat Pay" earns you a 45% discount! "WeChat Pay" is a first-time-ever payment platform offered by WeChat in Hong Kong through which customers could pay their travel insurance premium with any VISA or MasterCard credit cards. A smartphone in hand brings you an enjoyable journey to the fullest extent.

Distributed byUnderwritten by

Premier Travel Insurance Plan is underwritten by Zurich Insurance Company Limited and distributed by China CITIC Bank International. The information is for reference only. For details, please refer to Policy Terms and Conditions.

General Promotion Terms and Conditions

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