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Investment Funds

Wide Choice of Funds

Our comprehensive range is sure to help you to capture investment opportunities.

Important Note:

Investment Funds are investment products and some may involve derivatives. The investment decision is yours, but you should not invest in Investment Funds unless the intermediary who sells it to you has explained to you that the products is suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.

Investment involves risks. You should not invest in this product based on this webpage alone. Before making any investment decision, you should read and understand the relevant offering documents for further details and the risks involved and carefully consider your financial situation and investment experience and objective. You should seek independent professional advice if needed.

With today's fast-paced life, it can be hard to find time to research and track the financial markets. With funds, you can manage your investments more easily for better potential returns.

What are Investment Funds?

Funds are professionally-managed form of collective investments which pool money from many investors and invest in a wide range of financial instruments such as stocks, bonds and currencies according to investors' choices and specific funds' objective.

Why invest in Investment Funds?

  • Access to global markets - Go beyond local investments to participate in global markets
  • Growth Potential - Capture more opportunities in global investment markets, from bonds to equities and foreign currencies etc.
  • Diversification - Spread your risk across a portfolio of funds in different markets and assets
  • Professional Management - Tap into the expertise and resources of international fund management groups
  • Cost-Effectiveness - Pooled funds from investors to make a large portfolio allowing access to a wide choice of investments in a cost effective manner
  • Flexibility - Easily adjust your portfolio to suit any specific investment needs and time horizons

Why choose China CITIC Bank International?

  • Our team of professionals is ready to discuss your investment needs, help you understand your risk tolerance level and assist you to select appropriate funds for your portfolio.
  • We provide you the up-to-date investment information and issue regular investment publications to keep you posted on the latest market opportunities.
  • We offer over 1,700 investment funds managed by 26 reputable international fund management companies covering a wide fund range, including fixed income funds, balanced funds and equity funds.

What type of funds China CITIC Bank International offer?

Open-end Funds

  • Over 1,700 investment funds managed by 26 reputable international fund management companies
  • Wide fund range including fixed income funds, balanced funds and equity funds
  • • Invest from as little as HK$800 (or equivalent) through digital channels, HK$ 20,000 (or equivalent) through other channels
  • Multiple trading channels for you to subscribe or redeem your investment
  • Provide multiple-currency classes and different distribution classes
  1. AllianceBernstein Hong Kong Limited
  2. Allianz Global Investors Asia Pacific Limited
  3. Amundi Hong Kong Limited
  4. Baring Asset Management (Asia) Limited
  5. BlackRock Asset Management North Asia Limited
  6. BOCI-Prudential Asset Management Limited
  7. China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited
  8. China Asset Management Company Limited
  9. CSOP Asset Management Limited
  10. FIL Investment Management (HK) Ltd
  11. First Sentier Investors (Hong Kong) Limited
  12. Franklin Templeton Investments (Asia) Limited
  13. GaoTeng Global Asset Management Limited
  14. Goldman Sachs Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited
  15. Invesco Hong Kong Limited
  16. Invesco Great Wall Fund Management Company Limited
  17. J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  18. JPMorgan Asset Management (China) Company Limited
  19. Janus Henderson Investors Hong Kong Limited
  20. Manulife Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited
  21. Neuberger Berman Asia Limited
  22. Ninety One Hong Kong Limited
  23. Schroder Investment Management (HK) Limited
  24. UBS Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited
  25. Value Partners Limited
  26. Wellington Management Hong Kong Ltd

Minimum Investment Amount

  • Online Channels (Internet Banking and inMotion) : HKD 800 or equivalent
  • Other Channels : HKD 20,000 or equivalent

Subscription Fee Offer for Investment Fund via Online Channels (Internet Banking and inMotion)

  • Private Banking and CITICdiamond : 0.88%
  • CITICfirst and General Customer : 1.00%

This is not applicable to 1) money market funds and 2) funds switching within the same fund house. Terms and Conditions applied. Please click here for details.

Monthly Investment Plan

  • Start building your wealth with only a small monthly contribution
  • Click here to find out more

Morningstar Integrated Web Tools

What's more, we partner with Morningstar to provide the Integrated Web Tools, delivering online professional tools and contents for investment analysis. As an international independent investment research company, Morningstar has been publishing in-depth investment data for more than 25 years and made it available online via investment reports and interactive analysis tools for the past 15 years, assisting investors to better understand different investment products.

You can now get access via i-banking to enjoy these functions of the Integrated Web Tools, including: Quick Search, Advanced Search, Funds Comparison, Fund Report, and Interactive Chart. The Quick Search function allows users to quickly find fund investment options that meet their investment objectives and the results are updated dynamically as users adjust their filter options. The Advanced Search tool enables users to sort through hundreds of investment funds using multiple criteria such as base currency, yield to date, product risk level, and dividend payout option to find the right one(s) for them. Funds Comparison can evaluate up to 5 funds through side-by-side comparing Morningstar rating, return, risk, fees, investment region and more. Funds can be compared to see how they compete on performance, portfolio, and operations data. Fund Report displays detailed information on any fund and it allows users to conduct in-depth research and make appropriate and informed investment decisions. The Interactive Chart offers user to investigate historical trends of fund prices and compare the performance of funds versus benchmarks. You can use these web tools to manage your investment portfolio effectively.

Risk Disclosure Statements

Investors should note that investment involves risk and past performance is not indicative of future performance.

The price of the units/shares of a fund may go down as well as up. It is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profit made as a result of investing in funds. In the worst case scenario, the value of funds may be worth substantially less than the original amount you have invested.

Investors should carefully read the relevant fund's offering documents (including the investment policy and risk factors stated therein) in details before making any investment decision. If needed, investors should seek independent professional advice.

Investment funds are not equivalent to time deposits or its substitute and provide no guarantee of repayment of principal or dividend payment.

This webpage does not itself constitute an offer of, or an invitation by or on behalf of China CITIC Bank International Limited (the “Bank”) to any person to purchase or acquire or invest in any investment products.

The Bank is an authorized institution under the Banking Ordinance and is regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

This webpage is issued by the Bank. Its contents have not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

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